Re-enrolling for a PhD

Administrative re-enrollments for PhD at ENS de Lyon will be open from early-July until 15 November.

Educational (Postgraduate studies) and administrative (ENS de Lyon) must be renewed at the beginning of each academic year and as soon as re-enrollment is opened by ENS de Lyon. 

NB: This procedure also applies to PhD students whose support is planned between 1 October and 31 December, as well as PhD students who would like to benefit from a temporary suspension of studies (gap year).

Reminder: since 2018,  mandatory payment of the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC)
This payment applies to all students (unless you defend your thesis before 31/12/2020); it is essential for your re-enrollment. Please click on to make the payment.

  1. Connect to the ADUM app (contact your Postgraduate faculty if you have a connection problem)

  2. Complete the online form and upload the requested documents (including a full copy of the final thesis funding document, if any)

  3. From the 2nd year of the thesis, upload the interview report of your Individual Thesis Tracking Committee

  4. Submit your application; your thesis, laboratory and PhD faculty directors will be invited to validate your application electronically.
  1. The Postgraduate Office informs you by email of the opening of the thesis re-enrollment campaign at the ENS de Lyon and provides you with a list of the documents to be sent to it, in parallel with your efforts with the PhD Faculty.

  2. The different required documents must be sent to the Postgraduate Office by post (ENS de Lyon - 15 forecourt Descartes - BP7000 - 69342 Lyon cedex 07) or by email (rentree.doctorants [at] (rentree[dot]doctorants[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr)), or be deposited by appointment at the Postgraduate Office before November 15.

  3. At the end of the processing of your file, the Postgraduate Office of ENS de Lyon sends you a summary statement.

  4. A certificate of education will be issued to you as soon as your application is complete, and you have paid the university doctoral re-enrollment fees.