Registration and re-enrollment at ENS de Lyon


Information to register or re-enroll with ENS de Lyon: ENS pupils admitted through the competitive entrance exam (Normalien-élève), ENS student (Normalien-étudiant) or Master's students admitted on the basis of the application file (CADENS). Exchange students are not concerned with this procedure.


Once your admission to ENS de Lyon is confirmed, you should register.

Registration takes place in several stages: online pre-registration, registration, administrative registration and registration for your tuition.

Follow the instructions below to register.

Academic year 2023-2024

1 - Payment of the Student Life and Campus Contribution (CVEC)
This payment concerns all students (EXCEPT students "On International Exchanges" and students in continuing education) and is a necessary requirement for pre-registration on the CORIANDRE website. Click on

2 - Online pre-registration on the CORIANDRE software and request for accommodation if necessary:

If you are first-time student enrolling at ENS in Lyon in 2023-2024, download the CORIANDRE online-registration first-entrant guide - IA WEB Pre-registration Guide (newcomer) - which includes the connection link. Pre-registration deadline: August 23, 2023 midnight (Paris time), August 31 for August SCEI entrants and September 6 for September SCEI entrants.

If you were already registered at ENS de Lyon in 2022-2023, download the CORIANDRE Online-Registration Guide for re-enrollment - IA WEB Pre-Re-registration Guide (re-enrolment) - which contains the login link. Pre-registration deadline: August 23, 2023 midnight (Paris time).

These documents can be found in the "Required Documents" tab opposite. If you have a problem with your pre-registration, you can email  preinscription.coriandre [at] (preinscription[dot]coriandre[at]ens-lyon[dot]fr).  

3 - Uploading the documents necessary for your registration
Collect all the required documents listed in the profile sheets available in the “Documents required for new academic year” tab; download and fill them in before uploading them (PDF format recommended) when you pre-register on CORIANDRE. 

4 - Registration file constitution - Administrative registration
All uploaded documents will be checked. If your file is complete and has all the information that we need, then you will receive an email for the payment of registration fees (unless you have a grant). It is only after the registration fee has been paid that you will receive your registration certificate and the procedure for accessing your login account.

5 – Registration for Tuition
Once you have registered administratively and then you need to register for tuition. Instructions will be communicated once your academic year has started.

This page is currently being updated for the 2022-2023 Academic year

To register administratively at ENS de Lyon, you must compile a file consisting of all the administrative documents required to be uploaded on the CORIANDRE pre-registration site. For first-time entrants, pre-registration will be closed at midnight (Paris time) on 7th September. 

Depending on your profile, download the information sheet that concerns you before you print it. You will find a list of all the steps to be taken and documents to collect for your pre-registration.  The documents with blue text can be downloaded from the list below.

Registration file: summary sheets per profile

Documents and forms to be completed for registration

Registration fees costs

  • Master's degree: €243
  • Gap year for Master's degree or a second year of a Master's degree at ENS de Lyon: €159
  • The ENS de Lyon diploma: €213 for students  enrolled through competitive exam;  €107 for students enrolled on record
  • Gap year for ENS de Lyon diploma: €71
  • Preparation for agrégation (excluding FEADéP Master registration): €243
  • For the Prep'A+: €213

Different payment methods

  • By credit card. This is the preferred method. Only credit card payment will enable you to pay in 3 installments with a first payment of equivalent of a third of the total amount which must be paid immediately, the second third on the 15th of the following month and the last third on the 15th of the following month. The final third must be paid by December 15. After this deadline, online payment in 3 installments will no longer be allowed.
  • By cheque: in this case, please send your cheque with your CORIANDRE registration report. If the cheque is not in the student's name, indicate their first and last name on the back in pencil. 
  • In cash: in this case, you will have to wait for an e-mail from the Registrar inviting you to go and pay at the Accounting Office. Please come with the email that will indicate the amount to be paid.
  • By transfer (conditional): this method of payment is reserved only for specific cases. 

Potential scam risk

We have been informed by the authorities concerning attempts of potential phishing. The phishing is aimed in particular at students who enroll in higher education institutions through emailing or fraudulent letters accompanied by notices of falsified sums to be paid. Also, we recommend that you be careful about your use of email and the internet:
- On your email, always ensure that you have identified the sender before opening your message, check the links in emails before clicking. 
- On your browser, download only from trusted sites, and in case of online payment make sure you check the reliability of the site. The slightest anomaly should alert you. If in doubt, please call your contact person to check.