Collegium de Lyon: 2018-2019 fellows

Collegium de Lyon: 2018-2019 fellows

Fri, 21/09/2018


The Welcome event of the Collegium de Lyon has been the opportunity to meet the arriving fellows, who will be staying at the Institute in 2018-2019.
In the presence of Khaled Bouabdallah, president of the Université de Lyon, and of the Collegium de Lyon administrative team, the 2018-2019 fellows presented their research project in 180 seconds, during a science slam.
The families and the scientific partners of the fellows also attended the event, as well as the representatives of the higher education and research institutions of the academic site Lyon/Saint-Etienne. The science slam was followed by an informal cocktail dinner.
For the 2018-2019 cohort, 20 fellows has been invited.
13 Long stays, 5 Short stays and 1 Associated researcher.

Long stays

  • Akbar Abedi (Iran) – Archéorient
  • Laurent Bartholdi (Germany) – UMPA / Institut Camille Jourdan
  • Aurélien Belot (United Kingdom) – LBBE
  • Aleksandar Bošković (Serbia) – LADEC
  • Thiago Chacon (Brasil) – LADEC
  • Lindsey Dodd (United Kingdom) – LARHRA
  • Lia Epperson (USA) – EDPL
  • John Hamman (USA) – GATE
  • Simone Martini (Italy) – LIP / IRPhil
  • Florence Paulhiac (Canada) – LAET
  • Todd Reeser (USA) – Centre Max Weber
  • Lucia Shimbo (Brasil) – EVS
  • Penka Stateva (Slovenia) – Institut des sciences cognitives
  • Erika Wicky (France) – LARHRA

Short stays

  • Gordon Cumming (United-Kingdom) – Triangle
  • Emmanuel Delille (Germany) – IHRIM
  • Gianenrico Paganini (Italy) – IHRIM
  • Rosa Vallejos (USA) – DDL
  • Brady Wagoner (Denmark) – GRePS

Associated researcher

  • Thaer Yartaha (Syria) - Archéorient