My Thesis in 180 seconds 2017

My Thesis in 180 seconds 2017

Mon, 10/04/2017


ENS de Lyon doctoral student in contest final

On April 20 at 6 p.m., 14 candidates competed in the regional final of the contest, My Thesis in 180 seconds, at the Université de Lyon.
What’s the goal of this contest?
To present a research project, in 3 minutes, in a clear, concise and convincing way.
The winner represents the Université de Lyon in the national final.
Amongst the 14 candidates, one of them is doing her thesis at ENS de Lyon at the IGFL (The Institute for Functional Genomics of Lyon), and two have received a Master’s degree at the ENS de Lyon before doing their PhD:

  • Claire-Emmanuelle Indelicato, doctoral student at the BMIC, Integrative and Cellular Molecular Biology at ENS de Lyon
    Title of her thesis: Characterization of the mechanisms involved in promoting growth of the fruit fly using the commensal microorganisms of Lactobacillus plantarus
    Thesis Director: François Leulier
  • Victoire Cardot, former Master’s student in Biosciences at the ENS de Lyon, BMIC PhD student (Integrative and Cellular Molecular Biology at the University Claude-Bernard Lyon 1
    Title of thesis: Effect of TGFB produced by the microenvironment on tumors of the exocrine pancreas
    Thesis Director: Laurent Bartholin
  • Jean Goedert, former Master’s student in Earth Sciences, PhD student at E2M2 Evolution, Ecosystem, Microbiology, Modelization at the University Claude Bernard Lyon 1
    Title of his thesis: the first tetrapods out of the water: contributions of the stable isotopes in biogenic apatite
    Thesis Director: Christophe Lécuyer