SISSA meets ENS de Lyon

SISSA meets ENS de Lyon

Mon, 01/10/2018


On September 27-28, 2018 in Tieste, Italy was held "SISSA meets ENS de Lyon", the second of a series of Sissa/ENS de Lyon workshops devoted to strengthening the collaboration between the two institutions.

This series of colloquium style seminars in various fields of physics and mathematics with ample time for discussions gave a glimpse of the research done in both places.
On the French side, the speakers were Laure Saint-Raymond, Mikael de la Salle, Adrien Kassel, Lucile Savary, Freddy Bouchet and Ralf Everaers. On the Italian side, Marco Serone, Andrea Lapi, Andrea De Simone, Massimiliano Berti, Ludwik Dabrowski and Jacopo Stoppa gave a talk.
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Caption: Stefano Ruffo, Director of SISSA, presents Alice Guionnet (UMPA) and Thierry Dauxois (Physics Laboratory) with a symbolic trophy created after the Sissa logo on the occasion of the 40th anniversary.

Talk by Freddy Bouchet on
Large deviation theory applied to climate dynamics and astronomy: two new frontiers of statistical mechanics