Isabelle Baraffe, 2023 Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture

Isabelle Baraffe, 2023 Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture

Wed, 05/04/2023

Honors and awards

Isabelle Baraffe, member of the CRAL, is Professor of Astrophysics on secondment at the University of Exeter, UK. She is awarded the EAS 2023 Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture.

 The Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture, awarded by the European Astronomical Society (EAS), honours astronomers of outstanding scientific distinction.

Isabelle baraffe photoThe 2023 Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture is awarded to Prof. Isabelle Baraffe for fundamental contributions to the understanding of low mass stars, brown dwarfs and exoplanets.

Professor of Astrophysics, Isabelle Baraffe is a member of the Lyon Astrophysics Research Center (CRAL), ans joined to the University of Exeter in 2010. Her field of research is stellar and planetary physics and evolution, stellar hydrodynamics, exoplanets and planetary atmospheric dynamics.

Awarded the CNRS Bronze medal in 1999, Isabelle Baraffe has received several prestigious awards in her field, including the Viktor Ambartsumian International Science award in 2020.

She has obtained two ERC Advanced Grants, in 2012 (TOFU project - Toward a new generation of multi-dimensional stellar evolution models: the TOol of the FUture) and in 2017 (COBOM project - Convective Boundary Mixing in Stars).


 Lodewijk Woltjer Lecture of the EAS

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