Thesis award for Gabriel Michau

Thesis award for Gabriel Michau

Mon, 12/06/2017

Honors and awards

Doctoral student in the Physics laboratory

The ceremony was held at the Spanish Embassy in Paris on June 6, 2017. Gabriel Michau, PhD, from ENS de Lyon, received the 2017 thesis award of the Chaire Abertis Ecole des Ponts IFSTTAR on the management of transport infrastructures.

Gabriel Michau is an alumnus of our school. A PhD student at the laboratory of Physics of ENS de Lyon, he presented his thesis in July 2016 on the subject: "Estimation of origin-destination matrix link: convex and non-smooth optimization with inference of Bluetooth trajectories".

His thesis, prepared in joint-partnership between the Queensland University of Technology (Smart Research Transport Center, Brisbane) in Australia and the ENS de Lyon (Physics Laboratory), was co-directed by Patrice Abry (LP ENSL) and Edward Chung (STRC, QUT) and co-directed by Ashish Bhaskar (STRC, QUT) and Pierre Borgnat (LP ENS de Lyon), with the precious help of Nelly Pustelnik (ENS de Lyon Physics Laboratory) and Alfredo Nantes (STRC , QUT).

Official photo of the ceremony. Gabriel Michau is the third starting from the left.