Young Researcher Award 2022: congratulations to our two prize winners

Young Researcher Award 2022: congratulations to our two prize winners

Fri, 16/12/2022

Honors and awards

Congratulations to Elsa Boulet, PhD in sociology (Max Weber Center), who was granted the Humanity and Urbanities Prize, and to Jérémy Salaam, PhD in Chemistry (Chemistry Laboratory of ENS de Lyon), who was granted the Science and Engineering Prize.

Photo of the Awards Ceremony
Awards ceremony on December 5.
Credits: Metropole de Lyon - Laurence Danière

As they have done every year, the Métropole de Lyon and the City of Lyon, in partnership with the Université de Lyon, distributed the 2022 Young Researchers Awards.

The Young Researcher Award ceremony took place on the evening of December 5, in the Hangar of the 1st Film of the Institut Lumière. Awarded by the Metropolis and the City of Lyon, in partnership with the University of Lyon, the Young Researcher Award promotes excellence in fundamental and applied research. Four projects were awarded.

"The Young Researcher Award highlights promising projects that maintain the initiatives of scientific research at work in the region. These projects demonstrate the vitality of both fundamental and applied research in our city, which has nearly 170 research laboratories and nearly 1,000 doctoral students. We can celebrate this success and continue to show our support," said Jean-Michel Longueval, Vice-President of the Métropole de Lyon, delegate for Higher Education, Research and Student Life.

Among the 21 applications submitted this year, 3 projects caught the attention of the jury comprised of scientists and received an award of €5,000, including two researchers linked to ENS de Lyon: Elsa Boulet and Jérémy Salaam.

  • Humanity and Urbanities Prize

Awarded to Elsa Boulet, currently a post-doctoral fellow in Nantes, also working at the Max Weber Center in Lyon, she is studying motherhood and health through the prism of social inequalities.

  • Science and Engineering Prize

Awarded to Jérémy Salaam, currently a visiting researcher at Osaka University after completing a PhD at the Chemistry Laboratory of the École normale supérieure de Lyon, for his work on iron-based contrast agents for MRIs.

  • Bio Health and Society Prize

Awarded to Audrey Vialatte, currently a post-doctoral fellow at the Neurosciences Research Centre in Lyon - CRNL, who is working on tools to detect learning difficulties in early childhood.

This year, the “Coup de Coeur” prize was also awarded to Anne-Lise Saive, researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience & Artificial Intelligence (Neurosciences Research Centre in Lyon - CRNL) and currently a researcher at Paul Bocuse Institute, for her work on the cognitive and cerebral mechanisms of olfactory perception and human memory.

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