TFChim 2023: the ENS de Lyon team wins the tournament

TFChim 2023: the ENS de Lyon team wins the tournament

Mon, 27/03/2023

Honors and awards

Congratulations to our students and our coaches from the Chemistry Department for this great victory.

One, two, three tournaments and one victory! The ENS de Lyon team has won - and brilliantly! - the 3rd edition of the French Chemists Tournament, also called TFChim, which was held at the École Polytechnique on March 24 and 25, 2023. Congratulations to our Master 1 students and their coaches from the Chemistry Department.

Bravo to Emma Bagnuls, Camille Baland, Antonin Dufour, Carla Gattuso, Jeanne Herry and Domitille Mostacchi, the 6 students chosen by the whole team to participate in the competition, to Mathis Carpentier, Romain Duwat, Capucine Hervy, Alexandre Perochon and Louis Triolle. Congratulations also to their coaches, Belen Albela, Laurent Bonneviot, Bruno Sécordel, Vincent Wieczny, Tristan Pelluau, Jens Hasserodt and Floris Chévallier who prepared them for the tournament. They all wore the colors of the ENS de Lyon loud and clear.

TFChim 2023 - ENS de Lyon team


TFChime 2023 - ENS de Lyon team

Special mention to Emma Bagnuls, who received one of the prizes for the best speakers, as well as to Domitille Mostacchi and Camille Baland, who were awarded the prize for the best contrarians. Special mention also to the battle with Sorbonne-University, which received the prize for the best and most constructive meeting.

A great edition of TFChim, where the ENS de Lyon team distinguished itself by its professionalism, its commitment, its fair play and its good mood. This is reflected in Laurent Bonneviot's words to the whole team: "I congratulate you, the whole team, for your commitment, your determination, the team cohesion, your good mood and all the joy you gave me during your games". The art of saying everything in 3 lines...

It is also whispered - off the record - that the ENS de Lyon team also deserved the prize for the friendliest team. And very concretely, in this batch of rewards, our 11 students also obtained, thanks to the preparation of this tournament, 3 additional credits within the framework of the ENS de Lyon Diploma.

See you in March 2024 for the 4th edition of TFChim! But in the meantime, let's let the 2023 team savor its victory!

TFChim 2023 podium:

  1. ENS de Lyon
  2. ENS Paris-Saclay
  3. ESPCI-université de Sherbrooke

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What is the TFChim?

Innovative and surprising subjects, intensive preparation, scientific oratory jousts - in limited time - on the subjects prepared by the different teams, during which the students will have to present results, criticize and argue on the work of another team, or moderate a scientific debate... the TFChim is all this.

It is also an opportunity to discover that training at the ENS de Lyon also involves research: participation in the French Chemists' Tournament (TFChim) is counted as part of the courses for the Master 1 in Experimental Chemistry and the ENS de Lyon Diploma as it teaches students to work in teams, to analyze a problem and propose a model, to question a theory experimentally, to meet researchers, to present results and to react live.

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