Student residences at the ENS de Lyon: rules and procedures


As a student of the ENS de Lyon, you can be accommodated on the campus (Monod or Descartes) in one of the residences, up to the limit of the number of places available.

Find on this page the different steps to obtain accommodation and also the rules for allocation.

Accommodation on campus

The ENS de Lyon has 2 student residences on its campus:

  • Debourg Residence: Located on the Monod campus, it is mainly occupied by students of  exact sciences and offers 178 beds divided into appartments with 1 to 3 bedrooms (F1 to F3).
  • Bonnamour Residence: Located on the Descartes campus, it is mainly occupied by students of literature, humanities and social sciences and offers 361 beds (including 6 double beds). Every student apartment has common areas (kitchen and living room) and is divided into modules of 3, 4 or 5 individual rooms of 20 m² each.

The Debourg and Bonnamour residences are subject to allocation rules (information below).

Partnership with the CROUS: accommodation in CROUS residences is also available for ENS de Lyon priority students, scholarship holders and non-newcomers students, as well as for international students.

ENS de Lyon residences: Information and procedures

The supply of 539 beds on campus cannot meet the needs of the 2200 students. Allocation rules have therefore been established by the ENS de Lyon, they give priority to the following students, within the limits of available places:

  1. Underage students
  2. Scholarship holders on the basis of social criteria, including CPES (in the event of readmission, they must be up to date with the payment of their rent for the previous academic year)
  3. National and international newcomers (for internationals, 80 beds are booked, then reservations are made according to availability)
  4. "Agrégation" non-newcomers students and without salary or scholarship

7 rooms are booked for students with special needs.

As soon as confirmation of admission or re-admission to the ENS de Lyon is received, each student has the possibility to request accommodation on campus via a form which is then sent to him/her.

Responses to requests from non-priority students can only be made from September 10.

The resident may terminate his or her contract during the academic year, subject to one month's notice. The "request for early departure" form is to be downloaded (see Associated documents) and returned to:

  • Bonnamour Residence: Room D2-305
  • Debourg Residence: Room D2-308
  • Incoming Inventory of Fixtures

Bring your inventory of fixtures to office D2-009 (Descartes campus) or drop it off in the designated mailbox.

The incoming inventory of fixtures, is established by the tenant or subtenant during the handover of keys and transmitted within 8 days to the administration of ENS de Lyon. This document records the state of the premises and equipment and specifies the imperfections found in the housing, in particular concerning the property, on the facilities and related equipment. Any anomalies that may not have been detected by the tenant or subtenant upon moving in shall be made within 10 days. After this period, claims made on this subject will no longer be admissible. During the first month of heating, the tenant or subtenant may request that the inventory to be completed with respect to the heating elements.
The incoming inventory of fixtures shall be used to calculate the amount of any rental repairs to be settled at the end of this contract. Therefore, if the incoming inventory of fixtures has not been done, the tenant or subtenant is presumed to have moved into the accommodation, received it in good condition and must leave it as such.

  • Outgoing inventory of fixtures upon leaving the accommodation

Do not forget to schedule an appointment for your outgoing inventory of fixtures and, please, respect the chosen schedule.

When moving out of the accommodation, the tenant will have to clean out and clean the rented premises, leaving all fixtures and furnishings present when moving in, in particular the refrigerator and the electric cooktop, in good condition. A counter visit of the premises shall be carried out by ENS de Lyon and the tenant or subtenant, or, where appropriate, by a duly mandated representative. The parties ascertain that this visit was carried out as a result of which the outgoing inventory of fixtures of the accommodation is carried out and the keys returned.
In case of occupancy by several tenants (1 double bedroom – 2 bedrooms) or subtenant (units), the tenants or subtenants are jointly responsible for the communal areas (entrance, kitchen and/or bathroom). If the premises are not returned in a state of cleanliness found at the time of entry into the accommodation, a lump sum of 40 € shall be retained the security deposit to cover refurbishment.
In case of non-compliance with the procedure of departure and in absence of the counter outgoing inventory of fixtures, it will not be possible to attest to the date of the return of the keys, which is likely to prolong the billing of the rents and to lengthen the deadline for the return of the security deposit.

Information and procedures can be found on the dedicated page : Information on housing aid