The incubator currently hosts the following start-ups working across very different fields: biotechnologies, computer science, chemistry, medical technology and geography. More start-up projects are underway.

Logo de In Situ LabIN SITU LAB is a consulting firm specialized in the research and development of bio-inspired innovations.

IN SITU LAB has expertise in the fields of:

  • design of new materials, passive devices and construction systems with a very low environmental footprint;
  • design of biomimetic methods and software tools to assist in the design of passive and low-carbon building forms;
  • and more globally, sustainable architectural and urban design (resilience, self-sufficiency, natural light, bio-climatism, biomimicry, recycling...).

Kurage logoKurage is an innovative company specialized in the development of an artificial intelligence application designed to reproduce neuromuscular control.



Logo MolsidBased on a published technology developed by the team of Pr Jens Hasserodt at the ENS de Lyon (France), Molsid today benefits of an exclusive licence to produce the broadest range of robust fluorogenic precipitation-based probes available on the market. Molsid offers unsurpassed fast and sensitive fluorescence detection for a large panel of enzymes for industrial and R&D applications.


GraphMumps Technologies (Mumps Tech) has been founded in January 2019 by Jean-Yves L'Excellent, Inria researcher at the Computer Science Laboratory (Lip) of ENS de Lyon, Chiara Puglisi, transfer and innovation engineer, and Patrick Amestoy, professor at Toulouse INP.

Mumps Tech uses the research carried out at Toulouse INP, Inria, Cerfacs, Bordeaux University, ENS de Lyon and CNRS, that has given rise to the scientific library MUMPS (for MUltifrontal Massively Parallel Solver). MUMPS is an open source software known worldwide which allows to solve large sparse linear systems in a robust and effective way on high performance computers.

The MUMPS library is, on the one hand, a software platform enabling to pursue research activities in high performance computing in collaboration with academic laboratories. On the other hand, a package integrated in many free and commercial numerical simulation codes worldwide.  MUMPS can be freely downloaded on the website.

Mumps Tech carries on R&D activities and collaborations to keep this software library state-of-the-art and proposes a set of services to its customers using it every day.


Logo Skilder

Founded in 2018, Skilder specializes in recruitment consulting.

Skilder helps companies that have difficulty recruiting sales representatives (due to lack of business attractiveness, costly pre-qualifications or undetectable good profiles) by offering gaming attractiveness, digital pre-qualifications and soft skills assessments.

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Vidium logoVidium combines knowledge and expertise in the aerospace field and life science disciplines.

It brings proven dynamic mechanistic models initially designed by and for the aerospace industry to the Data-Driven medical field, and thus provides the research institutes and pharma companies the means to accelerate their research and secure their results and costs by increasing their Global Success Rate.

Vidium achieves this goal through retro-engineering approaches, mechanistic models, machine learning and knowledge capitalization.

Its aim is to maximize decades of system engineering that led to the space conquest and apply it to the benefit of “Life conquest"!


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Logo Aptanomics

Logo BiomecaFounded in November 2016, BioMeca® is a company that measures mechanical properties and produces high-resolution images of biological samples.

BioMeca® also has the ability to study the functioning of an organism and its constituents in response to the stresses exerted by the physical, chemical or electromagnetic environment in which it operates.


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logo Delta biomarkers

Delta-Biomarkers is specialized in high-precision isotopic analysis of metals such as copper, zinc, iron or strontium.
Their key role is to do chemical preparation and analysis of these metals at high precision for use in the field of human and veterinary medicine, tracing or geochemistry.
The Start-up comes from the ENS de Lyon and more specifically the geology lab that is equipped with one of the largest instrumentation ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS in the world. The experience of the laboratory in the field of isotopic analysis by MC-ICP-MS is recognized worldwide with dozens of publications with peer review were obtained since more than 20 years.


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Logo Laclaree

Laclarée is a start-up company developing novel eyewear solutions for presbyopia correction.

So as to address current limitations of multifocal lenses, Laclarée proposes a new concept of variable focus eyeglasses providing clear vision at all distances automatically and on a large field of view. Based on a proprietary technology, our team is developing eyeglasses perfectly adapted to presbyopes’ vision with no compromise on the aesthetic.


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LiPiCS logoLiPiCS services perform in depth protein-protein interactions analysis in cells for early drug development project or fundamental research.

LiPiCS services develops comprehensive approaches to study protein-protein interactions based on Bimolecular Fluorescence Complementation method (BiFC*). This technology uses the ability of fluorescent protein to be cleave in two non-fluorescent part. Upon spatial proximity those two parts will complement to reform a functional fluorescent signal.


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Logo Mathym

Mathym is a nanotechnology company that specializes in the development and manufacturing of innovative and unique nano-dispersions.

Their core expertise relies in nanomaterials consisting in inorganic nanoparticles dispersed in liquids.

The different inorganic parts Mathym have been developing since inception convey sought critical properties (e.g. radiopacity, refractive index enhancement, wear resistance) while their nanosized structures preserve a very high level of transparency and increase their activity when high specific surface areas are at stake.

Their products are currently used in the biomedical (dental and orthopedic), catalysis, ceramics and 3D-printing sectors.


Logo de PolyvalanPolyvalan is a privately held company specialized in the development, manufacturing and commercialization of innovative chemical tools dedicated to macromolecular biology.

Polyvalan first product is a unique patented tool for protein crystallography that can solve three problems at once : forming, finding and phasing.

Crystallophore n°1 is a luminescent Terbium complex that is an effective nucleant and provides significant isomorphous and anomalous phasing power.


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VariopticWebsite :

Logo VetoPhageBacterial resistance to antibiotics is increasing dramatically both in animal health and in human health. So thanks to a "one health" concept, it is urgent to provide new solutions to fight against this increasing fear. The objective of VetoPhage is to finalize the "proof of concept" and develop innovating tools for the diagnostic and treatment of pathogenic bacteria in livestock and in aquaculture. Bacteriophage solutions are safe, environmentally friendly, natural and effective, VetoPhage continue to isolate phages and develop phage applications.


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Logo XtremLogic

Xtremlogic is a startup / spinoff from French national research institutes Inria and ENS-Lyon. Xtremlogic is using patented proprietary disruptive HPC compiler technologies to accelerate math kernels on Intel Stratix 10 and Xilinx UltraScale+ FPGAs.