Nathalie Fargier, director of Persée


Nathalie Fargier has helped to create one of the largest web resources of French-speaking scientific documents: the Persée portal. Launched in 2005, this service gives an unrestricted and free access to no fewer than 700,000 documents and 245 collections, from the beginning of the 19th century up to the present time.

Focused initially on human and social sciences, Persée has now integrated publications on sciences and techniques in addition to Life and Earth sciences. Every year, this portal records 30 million visits, with 40% coming from abroad. Persée is used by researchers, but also by the general public, and plays an active part in the democratization of knowledge.It has been so successful that Nathalie Fargier was appointed Head of the mixed

research unit of the Persée department in 2013, with the goal of making this laboratory a reference center for the promotion of documentary and scientific heritage. At the same time, she co-leads CollEx-Persée research facilities and works closely with the community of Numerical Humanities.

  • Mixed research unit of Persée department, CNRS /Lyon University/ ENS de Lyon
  • Science Board member
  • Rhône Auvergne delegation