Mass spectrometer

Mass spectrometer - ICP-MS

MAss spetrometer

Two new instruments at the ENS of Lyon: the MC-ICP-MS type Netune Plus & the ICP-MS/MS Triple Quad ICAP Tq.

Isotopic measurements mean evaluating the abundance gap between two or more isotopes of the same element (e.g. 235U/238U). These variations can be the result of radioactive decay (U and Th > Pb), or when a particular isotopic mixture has been made or through biological activity (63CU/65Cu). Measurements can be taken on all types of samples but the laboratory is more specialized in the fields of geochemistry and biology/medicine. There are many applications that will involve tracing, dating, biomarkers, geology, and cosmochemistry etc.

Access to the ICP-MS and MC-ICP-MS Platform is regulated and requires a request from the Platform manager.

ICP- MS/MS Triple Quad iCAP TQ
ICP-MS/MS - Triple Quad iCAP TQ



Neptune plus
MC-ICP-MS - Netune Plus