Raconter l’habiter / Wohnen erzählen

Raconter l’habiter / Wohnen erzählen - HaWo

Narrating the inhabiting

House © Pat Whelen | Unsplash
[in progress] 2021-2023
Junior Laboratory


The HaWo junior laboratory is the continuation of a cooperation between the Goethe University Frankfurt and the ENS de Lyon which started with the programme "Stadtkulturen" (urban cultures), in particular within the framework of a junior laboratory entitled "Practices of urban space in texts". With the introduction of the notion of "inhabiting/Wohnen" in our reflections on the representation of space, we can continue the reflections carried out during this first cooperation by articulating the dimension of the urban public space with that of the private and intimate space. This inner sphere has come back to the forefront with the current health situation and specifically with confinement. The editors of the eponymous book, published following an interdisciplinary colloquium which aimed to combine geographical and philosophical approaches, postulate that "living is the essence of the human being". Philosophers such as Gaston Bachelard and Martin Heidegger have already taken an interest in the question: how to inhabit the world? With the "geographical turn" at the beginning of the 1990s, the study of space is now also a focus of literary studies. 

The junior laboratory will bring together young researchers in the humanities and social sciences in Germany and France to address this existential and topical question. The partnership between the two institutions will also allow the notion of inhabiting to be explored from a comparative perspective, between two cultural traditions.

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September 2021 

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