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The Summer School sessions

The summer school sessions are aimed primarily towards advanced students and young postdoctoral researchers, willing to deepen their knowledge or to start in a new field.

The sessions last from 4 to 5 weeks and the courses are long (up to 12 hours of lectures for a given subject). This allows a thorough pedagogical approach, up to the frontiers of modern research, and to cover all aspects of a given subject. This long duration also favors exchanges, discussions and working groups between participants.

The summer school programs are selected by the Board about two years in advance. If you have suggestions, or if you are interested in organizing a session, contact the Director of the School.


The rest of the year is dedicated to workshops, lasting one, two or sometimes three weeks, which bring together theoreticians and experimentalists. Participants exchange knowledge and are confronted by different view points that may lead to the definition of new research programmes. Meetings of the Center of Physics are usually organised in order to leave enough time for discussion in groups that meet in small, separate work rooms.

Any project of workshop at the Center must be first discussed with the Director of the School.

The Predoctoral School

The Predoctoral School brings together young beginners in scientific research.The aim of the Predoctoral School is to help them acquire a broader base in physics and place their thesis work in proper context. It can also prepare them for a richer scientific career by avoiding too much specialisation too early.