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Environnement, Ville et Société - EVS

Laboratory Environment, City, Society

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UMR 5600

The research unit UMR 5600 "Environment City Society" (EVS) brings together research communities stemming from a wide range of disciplines from social sciences and humanities. Researchers belong to universities and colleges of the Lyon Saint-Etienne pole.

THE UMR EVS handles modalities by which contemporary and past societies fit out and arrange their environments. Change, action, transformation, evolution, future will be considered in order to study these modalities. These developments and concern for the environments which contribute to the transformation of the world are not analyzed indeed still as participating in "dynamics of change". They cause "reactions" of the world, are observable as dynamics of "change", as what participates in the "global change" and, doubtless, in the "evolution ". In our research Unit, the dynamics of change are studied in eight working groups designed from the scientific interests of the research communities gathered in the Lab.