Interactions, Corpus, Apprentissages et Représentations

Interactions, Corpus, Apprentissages et Représentations - ICAR

Interactions, Corpus, Learning, Representation

UMR 5191

The ICAR laboratory is specialized in multidisciplinary scientific activities focused on the multidimensional analysis of the uses of language in interaction and in text, and tool-based understanding on large corpora of interactive spoken language and textual data. It is also part of the Labex ASLAN, working in collaboration with the DDL InSitu laboratory: Interactions: Situations, practices and tools (the new name for the IFPS Team) Research themes: Analysis of interactional linguistics, corpus linguistics ADIS-lst: Learning, Discourse, linguistic, scientific and technical knowledge Interactions: Research themes: Observation of learning, teaching and classroom interactions in the field of languages and sciences CEDILLES: Corpus Enunciation Discourse Information Technology Language Linguistics and Semiotics (the new name for the S3CoDi team) Research themes: the automatic processing of language and diachronic and semantics studies in French.