Information for visiting academics

ENS de Lyon, together with Université de Lyon, hosts each year visiting professors and research scholars. They facilitates the administration processes and supports.

Call for application - Collegium de Lyon

The Collegium de Lyon is a structure conceived as a space of freedom for a small community of high-level scholars, usually in position abroad, who are offered, for a short, limited time (10 months or possibly 5 months), to be released from their usual academic obligations in order to focus fully on their scientific work.

The Collegium de Lyon is open to any approach, theme of research or cultural area. Its purpose is to gather the best candidates and to offer them independence so that they may fulfill their research project. The Collegium de Lyon bets that significant scientific results will emerge from a community of researchers, gathered in the same place and with high-quality conditions of work, working on different scientific projects.

Collegium de Lyon website

"In-house" visiting academics campaign

The ENS de Lyon supports research and education through an active in-house visiting scholar campaign. Each academic year, 30 to 40 researchers or academics are hosted and selected by its scientific board.

Visiting academics invited by laboratories

Every year, laboratories welcome professors, researchers and post-doctoral fellows for long or short stays.

Espace Ulys

Espace Ulys assists foreign scientists before they arrive in France and throughout their stay, for instance helping them open a bank account, secure health insurance and navigate through French administrative procedures.

Ulys website

Scientific researcher short stay visa

For non-European researchers, the laboratory hosting you at the ENS de Lyon must fill out a Hosting agreement for visiting researcher ("Convention d'accueil d'un chercheur étranger") and submit it to the Office of International Affairs for signature at least one month and a half before your arrival.
This document is required to obtain a scientific visa.