Ancient Languages, Literature and Civilizations

Ancient Worlds
Open to :
  • Applicants holding an undergraduate degree (Bachelor)
  • EU/EEA students
  • Non-European students
Language proficency requirements :
  • French: B2
Year of study :
  • Master's degree (1st year)
  • Master's degree (2nd year)

    The Master in Ancient Worlds offers a multidisciplinary training in the sciences of Antiquity. It offers three courses: Languages, Literatures and Cultures of Antiquity (LLCA); Ancient history; Archaeology. Students of the Department of Letters & Arts of ENS de Lyon are enrolled in the LLCA course, which enables them to acquire solid knowledge in their field of specialization (the "Classics"), while learning about the other disciplines of the Ancient Worlds and the transversal issues specific to Antiquity.

    Multidisciplinary training

    In semester 1, Master 1 students take a course in Archaeology and a course in Ancient History for non-specialists. They also follow a cross-curricular thematic and methodological seminar, which puts into practice multidisciplinary approaches: specialists in Ancient Languages and Literatures, Ancient History and Archaeology focus around the same theme, which changes every year ("Describing the everyday", "The individual", "Organizing the world", "Power", "Shows and spectacular"...). At the end of the master's degree, each student knows the major periods, phases, civilizations and chrono-cultural areas of Antiquity and has become familiar with all the disciplines specific to the Ancient Worlds.
    Throughout their training, LLCA students can also choose several courses outside their field of specialization and deepen their knowledge of Ancient History or Archaeology if they wish. They can also acquire a double Master’s degree in Ancient Worlds / Master’s of Digital Humanities. 

    Disciplinary training

    In Master’s 1 and Master’s 2, students validate a strong disciplinary elective (UE), intended to consolidate their knowledge of Greek and Latin languages and literatures. They follow the Latin language and Greek language courses at ENS de Lyon. For specialty seminars, they also have access to the course offer at partner institutions (Université de Lyon 2, Université de Lyon 3).
    In Master’s 1 as in Master’s 2, each student writes a research thesis in their field of specialization. 

    Professional training

    The Master’s in Ancient Worlds gives access to various professional fields: research, teaching, but also heritage and publishing professions. During their Master’s 1 year, each student completes an internship of at least 3 weeks, enabling them to refine their professional project.

    Language of teaching

    100% of this program is in French.

    Students have regular work in foreign languages, with the reading of critical works (in English, German or Italian) and at scientific events they are invited to attend.

    Career opportunities after this course

    • Teaching in higher education and research, in France and abroad
    • Teaching in high school
    • Other careers in the public service (culture, history, administration) for which literature constitutes a very good initial training 

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