The book "Plastic Bodies" by Emilia Sanabria has won two awards

The book "Plastic Bodies" by Emilia Sanabria has won two awards

Tue, 30/01/2018

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Plastic Bodies is already well on its way to becoming a touchstone in the medical anthropology and STS literatures on gender, bodies, and pharmaceuticals.

The book by Émilia Sanabria, “Plastic Bodies” published by Duke University Press in the series Experimental Futures in 2016 has received two prizes this year, from the American Association of Anthropology (AAA):

  • The Michelle Z. Rosaldo Prize (a biennial award for a first book that exemplifies the feminist anthropological theory and innovates in this field, taking bold strides)
  • The Diana Forsythe Prize, Honorable Mention (for best book in Labor Anthropology, science and Technology or biomedicine).


Emilia Sanabria received these awards at the AAA Annual conference in Washington DC (28 Nov-3 Dec 2017).

The book Plastic Bodies has also been the subject of a forum of books on the site Somatosphere, with comments by Emily Yates-Doerr, Elena Calvo Gonzalez, Anita Harding and Daniela Manica and includes remarks from Emilia Sanabria.