Étienne Ghys, winner of the CNRS medal for scientific mediation 2022

Étienne Ghys, winner of the CNRS medal for scientific mediation 2022

Wed, 12/10/2022

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A tireless promoter of the usefulness and beauty of mathematics, Étienne Ghys is one of the four recipients of this distinction created by the CNRS a year ago, to promote scientific mediation activities.

Emeritus Research Director at the CNRS and permanent secretary of the French Academy of Sciences since 2019, Étienne Ghys has greatly contributed to developing mathematics in France. Examples of his work include books for the general public, films to be used in class by teachers, an audiobook for the visually impaired, leading the Year of Mathematics, setting up a website, conferences, media appearances... The researcher has used a variety of media and talked to different audiences about a whole range of subjects. A fervent defender of the use of images, in 2009, he created the online version of the “Mathematics Images Journal” which aims at showing recent advances in mathematical research but also its historical, cultural and sociological aspects. The digital journal has already accumulated more than ten million views! Étienne Ghys’ communication activities have won several awards and they all go to great lengths to encourage the international mathematical community to strengthen and improve scientific mediation activities. "I’m striving to share the pleasure of mathematics with as many people as possible," says the internationally renowned mathematician, winner of the CNRS silver medal in 1991.

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