Sports Physics 2021 Conference

Sports Physics 2021 Conference

06 Monday
From Mon, 06/12/2021 to Wed, 08/12/2021

8AM - 6PM


FlyerFollowing two conferences on the theme of Sports Physics, organised by Ecole Polytechnique during the previous Olympic years (2012 and 2016), the Laboratoire de Physique at Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, in partnership with the initiative Sciences 2024, is organising a new edition of the Sports Physics conference, which will take place on December 6-8, 2021, in Lyon.

The main goal in sports physics is to find physical laws that could help understand and improve performances in sports activities. The attendees of the conference will be fundamental and applied physicists (solid mechanics, soft matter, fluid mechanics, computer science, mathematics, statistics) dedicated to sports physics, complemented by athletes, coaches and others interested in the topic, to foster exchanges and collaborations.


  • Emmanuel Brunet (French Cycling Federation, France)
  • Annette Peko Hosoi (MIT, USA)
  • Cedric Morio (Decathlon SPORTS Lab, France)
  • Pietro di Prampero (Udine University, Italy) 
  • Jerry Westerweel (Delft University, The Netherlands)
  • Vance Bergeron (ENS de Lyon, France)