Anne-Sophie NOEL, Greek Literature scientist

  • Associate Professor in Greek language and literature at ENS de Lyon, affiliated to HiSoMa
  • IUF Junior Member from 2023 to 2028


Anne-Sophie Noel is a graduate of ENS de Lyon and holds a PhD in Greek language and literature (Lyon 3 University, 2012). She has been an associate professor at ENS de Lyon since 2018, in the Arts and Literature Department. Her research on ancient Greek theater is part of the multidisciplinary HiSoMA laboratory. Prior to this, she was a Research Fellow at Harvard's Center for Hellenic Studies (2015-2017) and taught at several universities in Washington D.C. (2017-2018).

Within the Arts and Literature Department, she has held (and continues to hold) a number of teaching positions. She is also involved in a number of reference functions: as part of ENS de Lyon's participation in the program to welcome researchers in exile (PAUSE, Collège de France), and as part of a student exchange agreement, specific to the Humanities, with Washington University in Saint-Louis, which she helped to set up in collaboration with the Office of International Relations.

Anne-Sophie Noel is interested in the dramaturgical, emotional and cognitive stakes of theatrical representation in ancient Greece. Her work on objects in Greek tragedy sheds light not only on their place in dramatic composition and theatrical performance, but also on their ontological condition, and the affective and cognitive relationships linking tragic heroes to these material objects. She is also interested in the reception of Greek tragedy on today's stage and in other contemporary scenic forms, notably through her activities as editor and writer for the Open Access journal Agôn. As part of the collaborative program "Classical Antiquity and Postcolonialism", she is questioning how her disciplinary field can be redefined today, taking into account the changes brought about by the encounter with postcolonial studies.

The KINSPECTA project (Engagement KINésique et expérience des SPECTAteurs de l'Antiquité à nos jours - Kinesic engagement and spectator experience from Antiquity to the present day), presented at the IUF, focuses on the sensitive and intellectual experience of Greek theater-goers. It renews the approach to audience engagement (sensory and cognitive) by questioning ancient sources in a fresh light and combining classical methods of analysis (philological, literary, historical, anthropological, archaeological), dramaturgical approaches and experimental cognitive sciences.

Awards and honours

Junior Member of the Institut Universitaire de France (IUF, Academic Institute of France) in 2023

Publications and works

  • To be published: Noel, A.-S., 2024. Playing with objects in Greek tragedy: dramaturgy and cognition (OUP, “Cognitive Classics” series).
  • Noel, A.-S., 2023. “Thinking through things: extended cognition as a consolatory fiction in Greek tragedy,” in F. Budelmann, I. Sluiter, (eds.) Minds on stage: Greek tragedy and cognition, Oxford University Press, 117-132.
  • Noel, A.-S., 2022. "L’adresse hymnique aux objets inanimés : performance, ontologie et agentivité des objets divins". In N. Le Meur, B. Delignon, O. Thevenaz, (eds.) Kernos, Supplements, Performance et mimesis : variations sur la lyrique cultuelle de la Grèce archaïque au Haut Empire romain, 163-180.
  • Noel, A.-S., 2020. “Unveiling female feelings for objects: Deianeira and her ὄργανα in Sophocles’ Trachiniai”. In M. Lee, L. Petersen, (eds.) Arethusa, special issue, Material Girls, Gender and Material Culture in the Ancient World, 89-105.