Hugo Aguilaniu, geneticist



Born in 1975, Hugo Aguilaniu is a trained geneticist. He conducted his thesis in Professor Thomas Nyström’s group in Gothenburg, Sweden, where he worked on aging using beer yeast as a model system. His study is demonstrating how the birth of a new daughter cell is accompanied by a "rejuvenation" of its cytosol. He then undertook his post-doctoral studies at the Salk Institute in La Jolla, California, in Andrew Dillin's group, where he helped identify the first genes involved in lengthening life span through dietary restriction.

In 2006 he worked for the CNRS as a research officer at the Institute of Cellular Biochemistry and genetics (IBGC) of Bordeaux. In 2007, he joined ENS de Lyon and created his own team in the Molecular Biology Laboratory of Cells (LBMC). In 2015, he became research director and his team was integrated into the Institute of Functional Genomics in Lyon (IGFL). Hugo Aguilaniu now works in Brazil where he runs the Serrapilheira Institute.

(Photo credit: Vincent Moncorgé)

Awards and honours

Bronze medal of the CNRS in 2015

Allianz ADPS Prize in 2014


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