Sébastien Manneville, physicist, Laboratoire de physique



Born in 1973, Sébastien Manneville began studying at École normale supérieure in Paris, in 1992, where he obtained an MSc in physics, a Master's in Applied Mathematics and a third Master's in statistical physics and nonlinear phenomena.

In 2000, he defended a doctoral thesis on Sound-vorticity interaction and time-reversal, tools for acoustic characterization of vortex flows at the internationally renowned institution, ESPCI, in the city of Paris, under the supervision of Professor Mathias Fink. He then completed a post-doctoral internship in ultrasound imaging in the Department of Aerospace and Mechanical Engineering at Boston University.

In 2001, Sébastien Manneville was recruited to work for the CNRS, at the Paul-Pascal research center in Pessac. He gained his accreditation to supervise research in 2004. He has been a professor of physics at the ENS de Lyon since 2006.

His research aims to measure and understand the mechanical behavior of soft materials (gels, emulsions, particle suspensions) as a result of a deformation or shear flow. For this purpose, he has developed tools based on the use of ultrasound, using both low-power ultrasound imaging systems, and high-power, to trigger the structural reorganization of soft matter.

Awards and honours

Junior member of the Institut universitaire de France in 2010

Bronze medal of the CNRS in 2005

"Rheofuture" Young Scientist Award from Thermo Scientific in 2004