Stéphane Labrosse, geophysicist, LGL-TPE



Stéphane Labrosse is Professor of Geophysics at ENS de Lyon.

Born in 1971, he obtained a Bachelor of Fundamental Physics at the Université Paris-XI in Orsay in 1992, then a Magisterium of Physics (Paris-XI) and a Master’s in Internal Geophysics at the Institute of Physics of the Globe in Paris (IPGP) and at Université Paris-Diderot in 1994. He then supported a PhD thesis in geophysics in 1997 – Contribution to the study of the cooling of the Earth – Under the guidance of Jean-Paul Poirier and Christophe Sotin. The same year, he was called up to do his national service, he was recruited as a technical staff member for the Geodetic Observatory of Tahiti under the supervision of Alain Bonneville. When he returned to France, he obtained a position as a lecturer in 1998 at the IPGP. He joined the ENS de Lyon in 2006 as a Professor.

Stéphane Labrosse is interested in the dynamics and evolution of the interior of the Earth and the conditions of its formation: convection in the mantle, the evolution of the nucleus, the primitive earth, the formation of planetary nuclei and dynamics of magma oceans.

(Photo credit: ©John Hernlund)

Awards and honours

Junior member of the IUF 2009-2015

Doornbos memorial prize, Studies of the Earth's Deep Interior (SEDI) in 2002

Paul Doistau-Emile Blutet Prize from the French Academy of Sciences in 2000