Vincent Laudet, biologist



A trained biologist, Vincent Laudet is best known for his analysis of the phylogeny and evolution of the nuclear receptor superfamily. His group was interested in the role, and in the evolution, of receptors of the thyroid hormone or receptors of retinoic acid, with an evolution-devo perspective. He also initiated an evolution-devo research program on teeth, using rodents and fish as model systems.

Vincent Laudet has been Professor at ENS de Lyon, Director of the Institute of Functional Genomics in Lyon and head of a research group called "Molecular Zoology". Today, he is the Director of the Ocean Observatory at Banyuls-sur-Mer, and professor at the UPMC, where he is continuing his research activities in the Laboratory of Integrative Biology of Marine Organisms.

Awards and honours

Senior member of the IUF in 2010