En quête de voix : Collecte, écriture et représentation des voix des autres

En quête de voix : Collecte, écriture et représentation des voix des autres

The voice researchers: Collections, records and representation of the voice

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[closed] 2018-2019
Junior Laboratory


Conducting an interdisciplinary study on the representation of the voices of others, through the exploration of literary, philosophical and political issues.  This junior laboratory stems from the desire to unite several disciplines around a common question: in philosophy as in history, and in literature as in geography, the management of the voice of others is a major issue of contemporary research. The research will therefore seek to cross different perspectives on the notions of "testimony", "voice", "word", and the "narrative of life", to better grasp the place they occupy today, both in artistic practices and in scientific research. This approach is based on the observation of an ever-greater porosity of the boundaries between literature and the humanities and social sciences: not only do literary works use the tools of the social sciences, but the humanities and social sciences take on a new form in literature, both in the choice of subjects and in the writing itself. This interdisciplinarity is at the heart of the research work conducted by the members of this junior laboratory, whose subjects and methods are often composed of different elements. The research team is striving to strengthen the dialogue between disciplines and explore the ways in which they are connected today, while questioning the stakes of such links.

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