Physique du Sport et du Handisport

Physique du Sport et du Handisport

Physics of Sport and Handisport

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[closed] 2017-2019
Junior Laboratory


The Junior laboratory "Physics of Sport and Disability Sports" is a project based mainly on the scientific extension of the Physics of Sport and the development of small research projects, with collaboration between several disciplines. From wheelchair tennis, to football, to archery, each discipline enables this Lab to dig into the serious problems of physics, whilst reaching out to a wide audience with the results obtained. One of the interesting points of these physics is that the results can have an impact on the optimization of sports performance. The Physics of Sport is a valuable means of bringing science to the general public. Everyone has done and/or seen sport/parasports at least once in their lives and so, in this Junior Lab, we believe it's easier to understand the concepts of physics, biology or other sciences through something that a large majority of people know.     

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Benjamin LALLEMAND and Benjamin GUISELIN