Dynamique éco-évolutive des maladies infectieuses

Dynamique éco-évolutive des maladies infectieuses - ECOFECT

Eco-evolutionary dynamics of infectious diseases


ECOFECT aims to conduct innovative research in the field of infectious diseases by considering the relationship between hosts and parasites as a complex network of interactions between molecules and cells, as well as individuals, populations and communities. It also aims to promote the pooling of expertise between basic research and medical and industrial research with a view to exchanging knowledge in areas related to the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases (diagnosis, vaccines, healthcare management, etc.)

ECOFECT promotes interdisciplinarity to understand how global changes facilitate the emergence of infectious diseases and to identify innovative management strategies that incorporate expertise in ecology and the evolution of populations and communities.

Research areas

  • An integrative approach for emerging zoonotic infectious diseases
  • A study of the eco-evolution of microbial interactions using observational and experimental approaches
  • A study of the dynamics of infestation and the persistence of antibiotic resistance in bacterial communities