Institut des Origines de Lyon

Institut des Origines de Lyon - LIO

Lyon Institute of Origins

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The LIO develops research of excellence in the origin of matter and the large-scale properties of the cosmos, galaxies, stars, (exo)planets, the Earth and life. It aims to encourage participation in large European and international projects on these topics, to encourage interface initiatives and support priorities in medical and industrial development through state-of-the-art technology developed especially for research.

It also aims to explore questions about our origins. It covers a wide range of disciplines, from particle physics and geophysics to cosmology, astrophysics and planetary science. It particularly encourages interdisciplinary themes in astroparticle physics and planetary science.

Research areas

  • The origin of matter
  • The origin of cosmological properties
  • The origin of galaxies, (exo)planets, the Earth and life
  • R&D surfaces and coatings
  • R&D biomarkers