Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon: Terre, Planètes, Environnement

Laboratoire de Géologie de Lyon: Terre, Planètes, Environnement - LGL-TPE

Laboratory of Geology of Lyon: Earth, Planets, Environment

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UMR 5276

The activities of the Laboratory of Geology of Lyon - Earth, Planets, Environment apply a resolutely multidisciplinary strategy: tectonics, tectonophysics, deep geochemistry and surface, planetology, geophysics, petrology, geodynamics and high-pressure mineralogy. These activities implement different complementary approaches: terrain, analysis, modeling, and experimentation. They are based on high-quality material for geochemistry (high-performance mass spectrometer), for petrology and petrophysics (microscopy and platinum for fluid inclusions, uniaxial press and containment cell), for experimentation under very high pressures and temperatures (diamond anvil cells, Raman micro spectrometers) and finally for image analysis and numerical modeling. 
It is organized under 6 themes

  • Formation of the Solar system
  • Dynamics and evolution of the surface of the Earth and planets
  • Internal dynamics of the Earth and planets
  • Interactions between living creatures and minerals
  • Behavior and physio-chemical properties of materials
  • Natural risks
  • Petroleum Industries Environment (IFP)

The research themes are:

  • Geochemistry balances and transfers
  • Earthly materials under extreme conditions
  • Structure and dynamics of the lithosphere
  • Planetology
  • Mantle Dynamics
  • Biology/Geology Interface


  • ICP-MS plasma source mass spectrometer and laser ablation
  • Raman infra-red spectrometers
  • Electron microprobe
  • Diamond anvil cells