Physique, Radiobiologie, Imagerie Médicale et Simulation

Physique, Radiobiologie, Imagerie Médicale et Simulation - PRIMES

Physics, Radiobiology, Medical Imaging and Simulation

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PRIMES' main objective is to develop new concepts and methodologies for exploration, diagnoses and therapies regarding cancer and age-related diseases, which are two primary public health issues. The project intends to develop new imaging tools for exploring living tissue (at different scales and with new contrast media), as well as the development of enhanced, controlled and secure strategies for cancer radiation therapy. PRIMES is strongly interdisciplinary by definition and encompasses a diverse range of fields from basic physics to radiobiology, instrumentation to acquisition and data processing, as well as image reconstruction, simulation and computational modelling.

Research areas

  • Methods and innovative instrumentation for radiotherapies
  • Innovative techniques for imaging
  • Radiobiology and modeling for innovative radiotherapies
  • Multi-scales image processing
  • Simulation and image modeling