Laboratoire de Reproduction et Développement des Plantes

Laboratoire de Reproduction et Développement des Plantes - RDP

Plant Reproduction and Development Laboratory

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UMR 5667

The RDP institute conducts mainly fundamental research aiming at a multiscale and quantitative understanding of the development and evolution of plant reproductive structures (from flower formation to seed development). The teams exploit an internationally-recognized interdisciplinary expertise that includes approaches ranging from molecular genetics to cell biology, biophysics, modeling and systems biology in order to unravel the molecular and physical basis of plant morphogenesis.

The RDP lab is organised in eight research teams:

  • Biophysics and Development
  • Seed Development
  • Epigenetics, Chromatin and Development
  • Evolution and Development of the Flower
  • Mechanotransduction in Development
  • Floral Morphogenesis
  • Cell Signalling and Endocytosis
  • Hormonal Signalling and Development
  • MOrphogenesis Simulation and Analysis In siliCo (MOSAIC)