2020 CNRS Talents: bronze medals for Antoine Venaille and Daniel Jost

2020 CNRS Talents: bronze medals for Antoine Venaille and Daniel Jost

Fri, 14/02/2020

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The Bronze Medal is awarded to early work of researchers who are specialists in their field. This distinction represents an encouragement from the CNRS to pursue research that is well underway and already fruitful.

Daniel Jost, Bronze medal

Daniel JostDaniel Jost is a research fellow at Laboratoire de biologie et modélisation de la cellule, he is in charge of the "Physical Biology of Chromatin" team.

In close connection with experimental biology, the group' s research addresses generic or specific biological questions on chromatin and gene regulation by developing physical and computational models.

Daniel Jost and his team are particularly interested in the spatio-temporal dynamics of eukaryotic chromosomes. Their research tackles important questions regarding the coupling between 3D structure and functions of chromatin. Their objective is to provide some universal principles driving chromatin folding and regulation, while contextualizing their approaches to fundamental, specific problems of 3D genomics.


Antoine Venaille, Bronze medal

Antoine VenailleAntoine Venaille is a research fellow at Laboratoire de Physique.

His work is motivated by geophysical phenomena. He has been applying statistical mechanics ideas to describe self-organization and mixing in rotating-stratified flows. He is am currently working on wave-mean flow interactions and on topological fluid waves, while keeping a strong interest in atmospheric and oceanic dynamics.