Olivier Hamant and Patrice Abry, Academy of Sciences Award Winners

Olivier Hamant and Patrice Abry, Academy of Sciences Award Winners

Tue, 24/11/2020

Honors and awards

Two researchers from ENS de Lyon have received an award from the French Academy of Sciences.

The French Academy of Sciences has revealed the names of the winners of its awards on Twitter, as due to  current health guidelines, no physical award ceremony can be held. We are proud to announce that two researchers from ENS de Lyon featured amongst the winners:

Patrice ABRY, winner of the Michel Monpetit Award

Patrice AbryPatrice Abry is CNRS Research Director at the Laboratory of Physics at ENS de Lyon Laboratoire de Physique à l’ENS de Lyon, in charge of the Signals, Systems and Physics team.    

He is interested in the theoretical modelling of the joint and multi-scale temporal dynamics of large collections of signals or image textures, as well as their use for the study of real-world applications: turbulent flows, Internet traffic, fetal heart rate, brain activity, art analysis and, more recently, the temporal evolution of pandemics.

Olivier HAMANT, winner of the Foulon award

Olivier HamantOlivier Hamant is director of research at Inrae, in the Laboratory of reproduction and plant development at Laboratoire Reproduction et développement des plantes at the École Normale Supérieure de Lyon.

He is also an associate researcher at the University of Cambridge (UK) and Kumamoto University (Japan). He is interested in the role of strength in plant growth and architecture. He combines approaches in molecular biology, microscopy, micromechanics and computer modeling. At the same time, Olivier Hamant is strongly committed to environmental issues, through interdisciplinary training on “The Anthropocene”, in addition to art-science projects and publications.

Congratulations to these two researchers.