Omar Fawzi, 2019 CNRS bronze medal

Omar Fawzi, 2019 CNRS bronze medal

Mon, 25/03/2019

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Each year, the CNRS rewards those who have contributed the most to its influence and to the advancement of research.

The CNRS bronze medal

The bronze medal is awarded for a first work dedicated to a researcher specialized in his field. This distinction represents an encouragement by the CNRS to pursue well initiated and already fruitful research.

Omar Fawzi

Omar Fawzi is an assistant professor at the computer science department of the École normale supérieure de Lyon since 2014, and he is part of the team Models of Computing, Complexity and Combinatorics  from the Computer science laboratory Lip.

Previously, he was a postdoc in the Quantum Information Theory group in ETH Zürich. Before that, in 2012, he obtained his PhD degree in Computer science from McGill University under the supervision of Luc Devroye and Patrick Hayden.

His main research interest is Quantum information.

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