Jean-Michel Muller, specialist in computer arithmetic, Lip



Born in 1961, Jean-Michel Muller graduated from ENSIMAG. In 1985, he supported a thesis at Institut national polytechnique in Grenoble – Methodologies for calculating elementary functions – under the supervision of Michel Cosnard. He is currently director of CNRS Research at the Computer Science Parallelism Laboratory (LIP) which he directed from September 2001 to June 2006.

Combining computer science and mathematics, Jean-Michel Muller studied the way in which numbers are represented on computers, seeking to improve computational methods. He was one of the inspirations of the major revision, in 2008, of the international standard for the representation of "floating point numbers" in binary mode, which is currently the most frequently used in computing. In particular, he showed how a certain type of rounding up, the "correct" rounding up, could be guaranteed when calculating certain mathematical functions on computers, and how this rounding up enabled the design of more efficient numerical and more specific algorithms, some of which are now deployed in everyday applications. This work has had a very significant impact on the design of computer circuits.

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Awards and honours

Senior member of the IEEE Computer society

Silver medal from the CNRS in 2013

2013 Research Prize for the AriC team

Best Paper Award, ASAP 2011

Best Paper Award, ASAP 2004

2nd Seymour Cray Prize in 1991

Bronze medal of the CNRS in 1990


Handbook coverHandbook of Floating-Point Arithmetic
Birkhäuser Boston, 2e édition, 2018
632 pages
ISBN 978-3-319-76525-9
ISBN 978-3-319-76526-6 (eBook)