Vidium: a new start-up hosted at the ENS de Lyon

Vidium: a new start-up hosted at the ENS de Lyon

Wed, 13/03/2019


Vidium was created in December 2018 by Sami Bou Antoun, CEO, and Arnaud Bonnaffoux, CSO and former doctoral student at the Laboratory of Biology and Modelling of the Cell (LBMC).


Vidium combines knowledge and expertise in the aerospace field and life science disciplines.

It brings proven dynamic mechanistic models initially designed by and for the aerospace industry to the Data-Driven medical field, and thus provides the research institutes and pharma companies the means to accelerate their research and secure their results and costs by increasing their Global Success Rate.

Vidium achieves this goal through retro-engineering approaches, mechanistic models, machine learning and knowledge capitalization.

Its aim is to maximize decades of system engineering that led to the space conquest and apply it to the benefit of “Life conquest"!

The incubator

Every year, the ENS de Lyon incubator hosts start-ups created by its own scientists in order to support them in the research and development phases of innovative products, idea testing, technology validation or business models before a possible commercial phase.

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